Automatically Network with Decision Makers to Close More Deals

Smart digital campaigns.

Fill up your Sales Pipeline.

Grow in the tough B2B landscape.

Automated networking – without leaving the office

Get other businesses to interact with your offers and come to YOU

Combine your real-life networking with superb online automations

Join countless businesses that are following the modern way of networking

Trusted by over 40+ companies worldwide

Outdated Networking Methods Are Destroying Businesses in 2020…

Relying On "Word of Mouth"...

  • Is just passively waiting for luck
  • Is too slow
  • Requires hundreds of customers

Waiting for "Special" Networking Events

  • Low sales rate
  • Expensive and time consuming
  • Not enough events

Trying Cold Telemarketing...

  • Weak negotiation position
  • Low sales rate
  • Unqualified salesmen


You can have automated online networking channels that expand your business connections without leaving the office.

The Pentex B2B Online Networking System

What Online Networking Methods Do We Use?


Google AdWords


Personal Expert Branding
Webinar Marketing
Offline Events


Sales Training

Manager, Dialog

How we helped a recruitment agency increase their job opportunities by 10x.

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John Doe,

Manager at OMRON

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