[Case Study] – How an Innovation Lab’s Business Network Became Massive

Introduction: About the Project

Our client – an innovation management company in Germany, helps companies quickly and efficiently test new ideas, allowing them to transform and modernize.

Project Scope

The innovation lab needed to increase their market share and connect with innovation and product managers at large companies in Germany (1,500+ employees).
The product is a complex, multi-step B2B sale that proved to be innovative and hard for executives to understand.


Before onboarding Pentex, the client did not have a dedicated sales force. Their outreach activity was mainly sending emails to existing connections and past colleagues in the hope of getting some referrals and new business. This proved to be not scalable and a non-reliable channel for growth. In addition, the client booked a few talks and meeting at various conferences.

What We Did

With such a complex product, we had to find a simple way to market it.

We set up networking automation on LinkedIn, using banners and landings pages to capture the contact information of innovation and product managers in Germany. The automation asked for their feedback and gave a short introduction for networking purposes. This automation sparked several positive conversations and a good potential of follow-up.
Then, the Pentex team began a consultation effort to allow the client to efficiently follow-up on the above talks.

The consultation included analyzing the client’s product, dissecting it to simple, easily-digestible sentences and training a new sales personnelin-house. This process allowed a salesperson to quickly take control and establish a sales process, without a deep understanding of the product.

Our impact

We were able to create a networking channel that provided a stable flow of 50 new interested business connections every month.

These connections proved to be exactly in the target group the client requested. The targeting work done by Pentex while planning the project generated awareness with the right people.

Following the client’s engagement with Pentex, their newly trained salesperson was able to quickly get started and follow-up with the generated oppportunities.

What We Helped Them Achieve

We expanded the client’s business network by 300%, increasing their business activity and filling up their sales funnel.

The product was at a very early stage and so the connections and deals generated were invaluable in going to market and verifying the idea.


The case study is a great example of how Pentex can assist companies with complex products, services and target groups. We were able to pin-point the client’s product’s benefits and expose those benefits to thousands of potentially interested individuals. We expanded the client’s network and opportunities by substantial percentages every month.

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