Definitely. Our B2B process has been perfected over the last 10 years to suit every B2B industry. So far, we have helped generate thousands of leads and sales opportunities in IT, Software, Tech Services, Industry, Consulting companies, Manufacturing, SaaS, Medical, Legal, Pharma and more…

Yes. Our process is designed from the ground-up to help promote and grow complex B2B solutions. We can create an ‘easily digestible’ and persuasive case for your product to help attract appropriate decision-makers.

Yes. The process includes a method to directly contact decision-makers, including CEOs and other C-level position holders.

The process works in several phases over 6 – 12 weeks. First, we develop a deep understanding of your niche, and craft the best message to attract your target audience. We then implement various methods to reach and attract prospects. We’ll show you our techniques for converting these prospects to meetings and eventually close deals.
In addition, you will be provided with: A sales CRM, LinkedIn automation, LinkedIn Ads, integrations, Sales scripts, sales deck, sales training and more.
A combination of these assets will allow you to adapt your sales process to digital sales as quickly as possible.

While most other service providers offer leads or advertising campaigns, our goal is to activate leads and set meetings with  them, so all you have to do is connect and start the your sales process. 

On top of that, we use a dedicated BDR team to provide the highest conversion rates over phone calls and direct contact. This allows you to book more meetings from the same number of leads.

In short, Pentex provides a predictable and streamlined growth service that provides sales meetings (and not just leads). 

When you work with us you are required to attend weekly meetings (60 – 120 minutes a week). These meetings will help us set up the perfect sales resources and systems for you.
We usually work in tandem with your sales persons and help them achieve their goals. When working with Pentex, you can expect a streamlined and predictable flow of leads and qualified introduction meetings with prospects.

To find out about pricing, please complete the ‘Get a Price Quote’ survey. 
Most clients receive a custom price offer that ranges between $4,000-$10,000 per month, depending on their exact needs and the number of active salespersons. 

Our process is easy to implement in any organization within a few days. We require minimal integration with your current systems and minimal-to-no contact with your IT team. If you do not have a dedicated IT team, we can completely take care of the whole setup.

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