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Attract the right decision-makers and fill up your sales pipeline

Looking for qualified leads and sales from LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is the best platform to generate new leads and sales opportunities. We helped over 60 companies across various industries to generate sales opportunities via LinkedIn

Fill Your Diary with Sales Meetings with Valued Decision Makers

Some Of Our Case Studies:


Elevator company: 50+ leads per month

We helped Vestner fill their pipeline with over 50 leads a month. The leads were mostly Home Owners, Facility Managers, Factory Operations Managers. It resulted in a full sales pipeline.

Innovation Company: 50+ Leads per Month

We helped LRN Lab connect with many innovation managers that were interested to start a business relashionship. Our efforts have transformed the whole marketing opearation and helped them growth faster.

HR Company: 35+ leads per month

Dialog were looking to accelarate their growth by selling HR services to HR managers. We helped them stop relying on cold calling and generated over 35 leads per month of interested HR managers.

Music APP: 20,000 sign-ups in 2 months

A new trending music app in mexico was looking for a quick and effective growth method. We launched a very effective campaign accross multiple platforms and generated over 20,000 sign ups.

Sattelite Communication: 15+ leads per month

A very niched Sattelite Communication Company was looking to get more connections with other companies iinterested in their service. We helped them to automatically connect with more businesses on a monthly basis.

Software testing & QA: 30+ Leads per month

Cigniti was looking to connect with more QA managers to see how they can work together. We where able to launch a campaign that helped them generete a sales pipeline

Easily reach out to your target audience using highly attractive ads and content

The perfect solution for corporates trying to sell more of their product. Our system automatically attracts decision makers in other relevat companies and helps you to:
• Close more sale
• Fill up your sales pipelineg
• Reach your yearly goals


Amit Assulin
Yaniv Gerber
Some History

We started in 2016 in Israel as a small social
agency in the B2C industry.

Over the years we moved most of our activity
to the B2B field and developed the “universal
B2B growth process”. The process was perfected
and helped over 60 B2B companies to grow and
succeed in a tough market.

Benefits of Working With Pentex

Easily generate new qualified leads and opportunities

New customers will reach out to you with interest to learn how can you help them:

Relevant Decision makers
Relevant company fields
They have shown interest in your offer

Digital sales meetings systematically booked on your calendar

You will learn how to turn leads into actual meeting with the best scripts and process

Advanced sales scripts that will interest leads
Guidance on setting your sales meetings up for success
Useful processes and procedures structures

Close new deals with a reduced sales cycle

Your sales process will be clear, you will have everything prepared including presentations, content and sales tactics to learn

How to research clients
Best sales points
Effective ways to close deals easily online

Our marketing system is seamlessly implemented for you



Our system is fully optimized to deliver the best results quickly.

And Play

Seamless integration that allows you to start getting the marketing you need without any logistic hassle!

For Scale

The system is designed to provide you the results you need to fiil your growing demands of capacity.
Start fulfilling your potential…
Increase you prestige and growth with a top looking website

Take your brand to the next level


Definitely, our B2B process has been perfected over the last 5 years to suit every B2B industry. So far, we have helped generate thousands of leads and sales across various industries, including: IT, Software, Tech, Heavy Industry, Manufacturing, SaaS, Medical, Legal, Pharma, Agriculture and more…
Yes. Our process is 100% designed to help market and sales complex B2B solutions. We can create a ‘digestible’ and persuasive case for your product to help attract the appropriate decision-makers to your B2B product.
Yes. The process includes a method to directly contact decision-makers, including CEOs and other C-level position holders.
The process works in several phases over 4 – 12 weeks. First, we develop a deep understanding about your niche, and craft the best message to attract your target audience. Then we teach you how to convert the leads to meetings and eventually close deals. Every action is mapped and easy to do. Also, you will be provided with: Sales CRM, LinkedIn Automation, LinkedIn Ads, Integrations, Sales Scripts, Sales Deck, Sales Training and more.
When you work with us you are required to: Attend weekly meetings (60 – 90 minutes a week). These meetings will help us perform research about your niche and teach you everything you need to do to grow.

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