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Empowering Growth for Businesses and Leaders

Elevator company: 50+ leads per month

We helped Vestner fill their pipeline with over 50 leads a month. The leads were mostly Home Owners, Facility Managers, Factory Operations Managers. It resulted in a full sales pipeline.

Innovation Company: 50+ Leads per Month

We helped LRN Lab connect with many innovation managers that were interested to start a business relashionship. Our efforts have transformed the whole marketing opearation and helped them growth faster.

HR Company: 35+ leads per month

Dialog were looking to accelarate their growth by selling HR services to HR managers. We helped them stop relying on cold calling and generated over 35 leads per month of interested HR managers.

Music APP: 20,000 sign-ups in 2 months

A new trending music app in mexico was looking for a quick and effective growth method. We launched a very effective campaign accross multiple platforms and generated over 20,000 sign ups.

Sattelite Communication: 15+ leads per month

A very niched Sattelite Communication Company was looking to get more connections with other companies iinterested in their service. We helped them to automatically connect with more businesses on a monthly basis.

Software testing & QA: 30+ Leads per month

Cigniti was looking to connect with more QA managers to see how they can work together. We where able to launch a campaign that helped them generete a sales pipeline