Why work with Pentex?

With years of experience in the B2B marketing industry – you can fully trust your growth in us.
Who Are We?
Pentex is a B2B marketing agency specializing in corporate growth
Our vision
To help B2B companies with complex products to thrive in the online landscape. To create more business oportunities, leads, sales and more
Years of collective experience
Sucessful clients across all industries
Working globally with all language support

About the Team

Amit Assulin

Co-Founder & Account Manager

Yaniv Gerber

Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer

Dor Bareket

Chief Marketing Technologist

Some History

We started in 2016 in Israel as a small social
agency in the B2C industry.

Over the years we moved most of our activity to the B2B field and developed the “universal B2B growth process”. The process was perfected and helped over 60 B2B companies to grow and succeed in a tough market.

Our Main Fields of Experties
• Training salespeople
• Creating sales resources
• Optimizing sales scripts
• Creating leads
• Desigining ads
• Copywriting
• Managing social platforms
• Removing growth bottlenecks
• Creating scalability
• Efficiency testing
Let’s discuss how you can improve your personal

branding and networking strategy